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Wild Camping in Czechia

Wild Camping in Czechia
Stephen Hockley
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When out camping, you can't sleep wherever you want in Czechia. So what are the rules for sleeping in a motorhome or campervan when you're here? Where are the problems likely to occur when sleeping in the wild? You’ll learn all this and more in the article below!

Where can you sleep in a campervan in Czechia?

In Czechia, wild camping isn’t explicitly forbidden. However, there are definitely laws around it. As you might imagine, it’s not possible to sleep everywhere, and you’ll always have to follow the laws you usually would. It may sound obvious, but ensure that you respect the traffic signs, and keep an eye out for both “no entry” signs and “no parking” signs. You’ll also need to be careful to respect the rules on entering forests and field roads too. Lastly, always keep an eye out for private property!

Respect for nature comes first

Wild camping is governed by law in Czechia, which allows you to spend the night in nature… but under certain conditions. This generally means a one-time overnight stay without signs of long-term residence. So you can wild camp, but you can’t damage the environment. This means that a campfire is out of the question, as is parking for a motorhome. This is definitely a disappointment for people that want to go camping… However, there are still other options that give you the chance to go wild camping. One of them is by renting a private plot using a website like Bezkempu. You simply select the area you want to go to, find a place there and book it. The downside is you do have to pay for this, but the price isn’t too high. At least this way you get peace of mind, but you still enjoy a unique wild camping experience too.


The “stellplatz” network is gradually expanding in Czechia

Another option is stellplatz

These are small and more remote caravan parks intended for short-term parking for both motorhomes and caravans. They aren’t fully equipped campsites, but instead have the bare minimum you’ll need, in return for a lower rate. Stellplatz are common in central Europe, so you can expect them in many other places besides Czechia. They usually have space to allow you to empty grey water and black water, and to fill up on your drinking water. They can have electric hookups too, but it’s not always the case. In Czechia, these aren’t incredibly common yet but they are a great option where you can find them.

Can I sleep in a car park in Czechia?

It’s definitely more of an emergency option but yes, you can spend the night in a public car park if you’re in a pinch. There is of course one great benefit to sleeping in a supermarket car park… you can get your shopping done at the same time! Another option that works well (if planned in advance) is parking in winter resorts and similar places. It’s simply too convenient to ignore. In some places they’re particularly ready for it and offer the possibility of electrical hookups, places to empty your tanks, and to fill up your water too. In others however, they’re not used to it at all, so make sure to do your homework on any place you intend to stay at.

If you’re considering going to the mountains with your campervan, be prepared before you go. Outside the campsites and away pitches, you’ll always have to deal with getting rid of your grey and black water, and the replenishment of clean water. Both can be difficult! It’s not possible to refill your drinking water from many natural sources, as you never know if it’s drinkable or not. It’s also not possible to empty your black water everywhere, especially if it’s not an environmentally friendly chemical toilet. Make sure you have a plan before you go.


Sleeping in parks and protected areas in Czechia

Although you can stay overnight in Czechia almost anywhere, be aware of protected landscape areas and national parks. In national parks, overnight stays are prohibited, with only a few exceptions. Protected landscape areas are better, giving you the opportunity to spend the night virtually anywhere… but not always in a vehicle, sadly! Here’s a good article on the topic (but it will need to be google translated). Although you can spend the night in a protected landscape area, it’s not so easy with a caravan or motorhome.

Apps that make it easier for you to find a place

Finding a good place to spend the night can be an absolute pain! Especially if you have specific needs, or don't want to park your campervan in a public car park. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use apps that'll make it easier for you to find a place to spend the night. Here are some tips for wild camping and stellplatz sleeping applications:

For more app tips, take a look at our article here.  And if you’re ready to rent your own campervan make sure you check out our fine selection of vehicles right here.

See you on the road!