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Where can I park my motorhome?

Where can I park my motorhome?
Stephen Hockley
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Each person has their own concerns and fears when it comes to camping for the first time. For some people, the big concern is finding a place to park. So if this is you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never have to worry about finding a place to park again!

Insider tips for travellers

It can be tough to choose the right place to park overnight with a campervan, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately though, there are plenty of camping apps and websites out there. Many of them can be used for free, and can provide all kinds of great support and information.

Our most used campervan apps below will give you inspiration for scenic routes and unique spots all across Europe. Also, perhaps most importantly, they'll help you know where you can legally park at night. Through trying out various apps and websites for camping, previous travellers have found their favourites, saving you all the trial and error.

Happy camping!

Camping applications and websites

Across the continent

The Park 4 Night app is perhaps one of the most famous apps for campers. It's both a website and app, and it’s a great one-stop-shop for helping you find a place to sleep. It includes prices for paid camping spots, photos, and tips for trips in the area. The paid version can also be used offline, which is fantastic.

The European Wild Camping Database (rural campsites) has over 1000 spots all over Europe, displayed in a clear google map.

Camping.info is a database of over 23,100 quality campsites at popular destinations all across Europe, and they have traveller reviews which are very helpful. The site has 220,000 photos and 3,200 videos, so there are plenty of options to check out. You can also use the paid offline versions to save mobile data, making it perfect for when you’re really out in the wilderness!

Motorhome parkings is another application that’ll help you find suitable places for caravans and motorhomes not only in Europe, but around the world too. This is actually Europe's largest motorhome parking website, so it’s well worth a check.

Womo-stellplatz is both a website and application combining information about the so-called “stellplatz” and car parks in Europe. Stellplatz simply translates to “parking space” in English, but is a specific type of camping spot, often found in Scandinavia, Germany and Austria (website is in German).

Coolcamping is what you want when you’re on the hunt for the non-traditional, "cool" places for camping, all across Europe.

Campercontact is another camping spot locator that works especially well offline, so you don't have to pay roaming charges abroad. Useful! It has both a mobile app and website for finding great caravan and car park locations across Europe.

Archiescampings is one of the largest and most accurate databases of campsites in Europe. It also contains points of interest, making it especially useful.

Pitchup Is a website and search engine specialised for seeking out last-minute campsites for everything from tents to motorhomes and caravans.

Promobil Is a German site offering a list of caravan sites (stellplatz) not only in Germany and Austria, but also throughout Europe. It has a handy “Stellplatz-Radar” option too (in German but Google translate works).

Country specific

Bezkempu.cz has a curated selection of beautiful places throughout Czechia, where you can park a caravan or set up a tent (for a fee). The website is in Czech, but you’ll still find it useful as it can be Google translated.


Photo: Bezkempu

Campingclub.at is a website that offers a list of interesting campsites in Austria (it is in German but can be Google translated pretty well).

Camperlife is a website focussing on the best vehicle camping sites in Italy (it’s in Italian but can be Google translated).

Agriturismo is both a website and application that gives you the opportunity to park up on an Italian farm.

Topcamping lists the campsites in Austria.

icampingcar Is an app and website focussed mainly on French parking spots, known as “Aires” (the site is in French but can be Google translated).

PFCC Lists many of the campsites and caravan sites in Poland.

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