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Road tolls in Austria

Road tolls in Austria
Stephen Hockley
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If you’re not unsure on exactly where to get a motorway vignette in Austria, or what the price should be, this is the article for you. We’ll cover where you can get your vignette, and in addittion, we'll cover the various tolls across some of the more popular roads in the country.

Austria has a relatively large network of motorways where you'll have to travel with a motorway vignette. This obligation began in 2004 and generally applies to all vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Driving without a vignette is quickly fined, usually €120. The price is €9.60 for a 10-day motorway stamp in Austria. Austrians are pretty strict and uncompromising when it comes to complying with laws and traffic regulations, so don’t get caught out! They can send a fine to the address linked to your vehicle... but if the police stop you directly, the fine must be paid on the spot.

What are the types of vignettes in Austria?

Since 2018, it’s been possible to buy two types of motorway vignettes. In addition to the classic stickers, you can also purchase electronic stamps that are registered on the vehicle's licence plate. You can choose a ten-day, two-month or annual vignette.

Prices of Austrian motorway stamps:

  • Ten day € 9.60
  • Two month € 28.20
  • Annual € 93.80

When travelling to Austria, keep in mind that in addition to motorway vignettes, there are also additional tolls for several other tunnels and passes. You’ll need to pay these fees at the toll gate. You can pay in cash, card, or via a ticket purchased online - see this page for more details.

Arlberg tunnel16.7 km€11.00
Bosruck tunnel8.9 km€6.00
Brenner Highway (AT / IT)34.3 km€10.50
Gleinalm tunnel14.2 km€10.0
Karawanken Tunnel (AT / SL)9.9 km€7.60
Katschberg tunnel8.5 km€13.0

You’ll also need to pay a toll to go on one of the panoramic mountain roads, so keep that in mind.

Austrian motorway
Austrian motorway

Where can I buy an Austrian motorway vignette?

You can buy a motorway vignette for Austria online, from the comfort of your home before you travel. You can also get them at the borders if driving from a neighbouring country, or at many petrol stations too.

asfinag.at - This website should serve as a one-stop-shop for all your vignette needs. You can get both digital passes or a physical sticker depending on your preference. Just be wary that the digital pass needs to be bought 18 days in advance to work properly, so if you'll need to drive sooner than that, you’ll need a sticker.

Lastly… before travelling to Austria, don't forget to keep an eye on the weight of your vehicle. Austria is famous for random weight checks of bigger vehicles, and if you’re overweight you’re guaranteed to have a bad day. They’ll likely fine you around €1 per kilo of weight above the limit, and they’ll make you discard the excess weight then and there. (Tip if this ever happens to you: draining water is probably the easiest solution.)

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See you on the road!