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Eco-campsites in Czechia

Eco-campsites in Czechia
Stephen Hockley
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We all know that recycling is good for the Earth... But if caring for the environment is a bigger part of your lifestyle, you’ll want to find campsites where it's given top priority. So without further ado, here are some of the best eco-campsites you can find in Czechia!

How do I find an eco-campsite?

The first step in acting sustainably starts with the campsite you choose. As you might imagine, eco-campsites put a big priority on sustainability and encourage their visitors to do the same. Waste disposal points are pretty much the norm, but many of these sites also use solar energy for hot water and electric.

It’s always easier if the campsite is accessible by public transport to minimise emissions. And for longer trips, the guests might have the option to rent bicycles or other eco-friendly means of transport, so keep an eye out for that. Many of these eco-campsites are developing quickly, experimenting with new ideas to minimise the human impact on the environment.

Recycling and waste management

There's nearly always a waste disposal point in your campsite, where you’ll be able to sort your waste by type. Plus, in an effort not to produce unnecessary waste, you won’t usually find food in disposable packaging, and even drinks are often poured straight into reusable cups. You can also normally find eco-campsites using compost for both toilets and general organic waste.

Electricity is another big thing that you’ll see being managed carefully. Eco-campsites use energy-saving light bulbs, and often install motion sensors for them too, so that the lights can’t be left on. In addition to how electricity is used, how it’s sourced is important too; ideally from renewable sources - solar panels being the most popular example.

Eco campsite at night
Eco campsite at night

Water is valuable

With such ease of access for so many of us, it’s sometimes easy to forget how precious water really is. However, in eco-campsites (and even when camping in general) it has a much higher value, and minimising wastage is always a good idea. This can be done by using aerators on taps and having showers with timers, to encourage faster use. You'll find things like this in many campsites, but can more be done? Absolutely. Another thing you’ll see is rainwater being collected, which can be used for a variety of things. You'll frequently see ecological cleaning products to clean common areas, along with a request for visitors to use them as well, to help avoid polluting water and harming nature.

There are many criteria that a campsite needs to comply with in order to be officially considered an eco-campsite. Keep an eye out for the logo below when driving around Europe; this means it meets the standards set by the EU. These standards are pretty demanding, with only one campsite in Czechia being officially recognised so far. But whether they have met all the standards or not, more and more campsites are trying to behave in an eco conscious way, so your options are always improving.

EU eco label
EU eco label

This is the logo you're looking for.

A few eco-campsites in Czechia

Oasa Staňkov

The Oasa Staňkov campsite (you’ll need to Google translate the website) can be found in the beautiful protected landscape of ​​Třeboňsko, on the banks of the Staňkov lake. In the past it did manage to meet the criteria for the official eco-label, so you know it’s a place that cares. The camp has its own source of drinking water, a biological treatment plant, and uses grey water for the plants. You can also charge your electric vehicles here without any problems. Children will enjoy themselves here as there is a cute, beautiful wooden playground for them to use. The campsite owners still try to do something to make the campsite more sustainable each year.

Camp Děčín

You can't get any closer to the city than Camp Děčín, in the north of Czechia, reasonably close to the border with Germany. This campsite is located right by the Elbe cycle path on the banks of the Elbe, making it a popular route for both cyclists and water lovers. You can also reach local popular spots on foot from it, ride a scooter to the Děčínský Sněžník mountain, or climb the Via Ferrata (also known as the “Iron Path”, a day hiking trip). We included this one among the eco-campsites because of the accessibility of the city by eco-friendly transportation. But not only that… the campsite made use of an old abandoned site AND upcycles materials used for its furniture. The tables are made from cable spools, the benches are made from discarded pallets, and the chairs are refurbished. If that wasn't enough, there is also a handy charging station for e-bikes in the campsite too.

eco furniture
eco furniture

Camp Děčín


The historic Honětice (you’ll need to Google translate the website) near Kroměříž in the east of Czechia, will captivate you at first sight. The original farmstead was converted into a guesthouse and a campsite was created in the adjacent orchard. You can bathe here in a vast, natural, barrier-free area, equipped with all the necessary facilities you’d need. Children will love the playground with a trampoline and a sandpit, and they’ll also be delighted to spend time with the small animals in the area. In addition to the beautiful Kroměříž, you can visit two nearby castles: Buchlovice Castle and Buchlov Castle. Then there’s the Modrá open-air museum, and the possibility to take a ride along the Baťov Canal.

Camp Suchopýr

Camp Suchopýr (you’ll need to Google translate the website), also in the north of Czechia, is a great addition to the local ecological education centre. It’s located in the area of ​​the former sand pit that was there, and you can swim there too. Just keep in mind that the campsite does not have electrical connections, so you must be prepared! This campsite is open usually just for the summer holidays. This spot makes an ideal starting point for walking or cycling trips to the nearby Jizera Mountains, so bring your walking boots. And just like Honětice, children will enjoy the small farm filled with animals to see and play with.

Camp Sedmihorky

This campsite is in the north east of the country, winning the competition for the best campsite in the country several times. It makes an ideal starting point for trips to the Bohemian Paradise protected landscape. They also run educational programmes in the summers, and are in close cooperation with the nearby eco-centre. It gets very busy during the high season, you you'll want to book in advance! It’s ideal for families with children, and you'll find no shortage of facilities to keep them entertained.

eco park water
eco park water


As you might imagine, you can find plenty of eco-camps beyond the Campiri homeland of Czechia, they're all over Europe. If you’d like to find out more about the officially recognised eco-campsites, you can find an overview on the official EU website. With regards to the unofficial ones, as long as you look out for the things we've mentioned throughout this article, you should be on the right track.

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