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Cooking in a campervan

Cooking in a campervan
Stephen Hockley
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So, what types of campervan tableware are out there, and which is best? If you make the right choice it’ll make cooking on the go so much easier. Plus, it’ll also minimise space usage. If that sounds interesting for you, read on!

There are a huge range of people and vehicles out there, so there is no single correct answer to this… However, we can all agree that multi-purpose, clever, practical tableware that you can use on the road will make cooking so much easier.

Motorhome sets are produced either in the form of plastic, wood, or perhaps bamboo too. You tend to find that your usual cups and bowls are too heavy and prone to break on the road, so the lighter and more durable the material, the better. These kinds of camping-friendly materials aren't so noisy when driving, clinking together like metal and porcelain does. You’ll also often find that travel-friendly tableware is often equipped with a non-slip layer and holds well, even on the table.

bamboo tableware
bamboo tableware

There is a wide selection of nice, travel-friendly tableware to choose from these days.

There are a number of beautifully designed tableware sets out there for everything from the solo traveller in a small campervan, up to larger families in the bigger class-a motorhomes. And of course, individual items such as pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery, kitchen utensils and other kitchen accessories are easy to find. The good news is that these days, they come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your desires. A lot of these are also great for the home too, it turns out; if you have small children, you'll especially appreciate that these things don’t break easily!

Melamine tableware is ideal for your camping food prep. It’s a specific type of plastic that’s extremely sturdy, making it capable of withstanding even the most difficult journeys, potholes and broken roads. It can also be washed in the dishwasher... but just remember that this material isn’t microwave safe. Recycled bamboo tableware is becoming more popular too, with sustainability-certified tableware becoming a viable alternative.

Camping tableware is light and doesn’t rust

Considering the weight and space of the vehicle, it pays to choose light, camping dishes because they stack up much easier. Very important when space is at a premium! And most importantly, this stuff doesn't break easily.

When packing things for trips in a caravan, every kilo counts, especially when considering the legal capacity of your vehicle (the weight capacity of a standard motorhome is usually 3.5 tonnes).

Minimalism is your friend

If you’re travelling in a motorhome or van for the first time, you may think you’ll need a fully equipped kitchen like the one you’re used to at home. Yes, you’ll still cook in the caravan… but you’ll find that you can prepare many meals in a more simple manner, without cutting corners. And of course, the simpler your cooking, the more time you have for relaxation, enjoying nature, and getting the most out of your camping experience. After a little while, you’ll likely find that the basics are enough. And don’t forget that you can buy many fresh foods along your journey to avoid buying everything before your trip.

Cooking and cleaning in the great outdoors

If you’re wild camping and don't have a vehicle with solar panels, you have to adapt to using gas to heat up your water for your coffee and tea in the mornings instead of electric. But even then, do you really need a kettle? Or could you cut down on space and stick with a saucepan instead? Instead of a full-sized food processor, you could use a small USB chargeable blender, and use a mortar and pestle for your spices. There are a multitude of ways to cut down on what you need when preparing food. Just stay curious, and you'll find a way to make it work for you.

(P.S. When cleaning up afterwards, don’t forget to use eco-friendly soaps, to minimise any damage to the environment.)

Campervan cookware
Campervan cookware

Some pretty bamboo tableware

Water is precious on the road, so use it wisely

At home, there’s practically no limit to the amount of water many of us can access for cooking and washing. In a motorhome, you’ll still need to use it for cooking and washing, but your supply is now limited so you'll have to use it sparingly. That's why you'll save a lot of work by taking some long-lasting, low-prep foods with you (think whole-wheat bread, long-lasting spreads, canned goods and couscous), you can then supplement this with fruit and veg from markets as you go. This will save you both water and time in the long run! As a general rule… the less greasy food, the easier it will be to clean and wash the dishes. The advantage of campsites is that you can clean your dishes in the provided kitchen. But if you’re wild camping outside the campsites, you’ll have to rely on your own water sources.

Two great examples for finding good camping tableware are Towsure and of course, Amazon. Some sets are sold with interesting travel cases, in which cutlery and plates are secured. Whether you'll travel with your family, partner, friends, or solo, nice durable travel tableware will make dining in nature a comfy and pleasant experience.

So, interested in going camping for yourself, but not sure where to start? Campiri is a company specialising in motorhome rentals, which usually have a fully equipped kitchen in the car with dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and accessories. Sometimes a coffee machine and other appliances are included too! Check out our range here.

See you on the road!